Breakfast with the baby birds and a visit from two others :)

This morning in the yard,… the main action was in the chokecherry tree where juvenile sparrows and waxwings were having breakfast.

2015-09-10 08-32-23a

Sparrow eating a cherry

I saw a pretty European Starling way way up in a tree and managed to take a decent photo considering the distance between us.
European Starling

Good morning waxy!

This is one of my favourite photos…
Juvenile waxwing having breakfast

A new sighting in my yard this morning- a bird caught my eye and I couldn’t instantly recognize it. She was flying from tree to tree up high but the light color helped me to keep an eye on her until I could get a lock on her with my camera. It was a dark-eyed junco but I’ve never seen one in these lovely pastel colours before! One more for the yard list!

Dark-eyed Junco - so pretty!