Breakfast with the baby birds and a visit from two others :)

This morning in the yard,… the main action was in the chokecherry tree where juvenile sparrows and waxwings were having breakfast.

2015-09-10 08-32-23a

Sparrow eating a cherry

I saw a pretty European Starling way way up in a tree and managed to take a decent photo considering the distance between us.
European Starling

Good morning waxy!

This is one of my favourite photos…
Juvenile waxwing having breakfast

A new sighting in my yard this morning- a bird caught my eye and I couldn’t instantly recognize it. She was flying from tree to tree up high but the light color helped me to keep an eye on her until I could get a lock on her with my camera. It was a dark-eyed junco but I’ve never seen one in these lovely pastel colours before! One more for the yard list!

Dark-eyed Junco - so pretty!


A Downy in the Sparrow-Free Feeder

Today I was looking out my kitchen window at my new ‘sparrow free’ cedar birdfeeder to see if there was any interest in it yet.  Much to my surprise (and delight) – a Downy Woodpecker was flying around it and eyeing the feeder holes.  This particular feeder is aimed at the smaller birds – mainly chickadees and nuthatches – made with small entry holes and no perches in hopes that the house sparrows won’t be able to use it.  Since my house sparrows seem to eat everything from every type of feeder I own –  I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it.  I purchased mine at The Wild Bird Store (click here) where Kris and Dave are happy to help you!

I guess ‘sparrow free’ technically doesn’t mean ‘downy free’ …. so he helped himself to the treats inside for quite awhile.  What a cutie!

The video is below in standard format – if you want to watch it in beautiful HD – click on the vimeo link. :)

Downy in Sparrow Free Feeder from Morningside Life on Vimeo.